Our main product, LED Light panels are thin, edge lit panels offered as a backlighting solution. We manufacture LED light panels custom fit for several applications. Specifically we produce LED lighting panels for slot machines.

LED Light Panel
6500k LED Light Panel
RGB Light Panel
RGB Light Panel
Custom LED Light Panel



All of our LED Panels can be custom made to any size AND shape you want. We even make panels with holes in them for custom under countertop lighting. The Panels can also be configured with any type of light you need. Warm white, Cool white, RGB, and custom Dream Color panels can be made. 



LED Light panels are useful for many applications. In architecture, light panels can be used for creative lighting under counter tops or behind translucent walls. LED light panels are also used to service the retail industry to illuminate signage and product. Also as backlights in the gaming industry. 



CNC Lightshapes warranties all of our LED light panels for 3 years. We use only the highest quality LED's in our products to ensure consistent, high quality light.